The Internationale - Английский




Музыка: П. Дегейтер

Стихи: Эжен Потье

Исполнитель: Билли Брэгг

Текст песни:

Arise! Ye starvelings from yours slumbers!
Arise! Ye criminals of want!
For reason in revolt now thunders,
And away with all superstitions,
Servile masses arise! arise!
We`ll change forthwith the old conditions
And spurn the dust to win the prize.

Then comrades come rally!
And the last fight let us face.
The Internationale
Unites the human race!

No saviours from on high deliver,
No trust have we in prince or peer;
Our own right hand the chains must shiver.
Chains of hatred, of greed and fear.
Ere the thieves will out with their booty
And to all give a happier lot,
Each at his forge must do his duty
And strike the iron while it`s hot!


We`re tricked by laws and regulations,
Our taxes strip us to the bone.
The rich enjoy the wealth of nations,
But the poor naught can sell their own,
Long have we in vile bondage languished,
Yet we equal are every ones
No rights but duties for the vanguish`d
We claim our rights for duties done.


The kings of mines, &ships, &railways,
Resplendent in their vulgar pride,
Have plied their task to exploit always
Those whose labor they`ve e`re decried.
Great the spoil they hold in their coffers,
To be spent on themselfes alone;
We`ll seize it someday spite of scoffers,
And feel that we have got our own.


These kings defile us with their powder,
We want no war within the land;
Let soldiers strike, for peace call louder,
Lay down arms, and join hand in hand.
Should these vile monsters still determine.
Heroes to make us in despite,
They`ll know full soon the kind of vemin
Our bullets hit in this lost fight.


We peasants, artisans, and others
Enrolles among the sons of toil

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